Qualified for 1 million impulse cycles​

Exceeds EN857 Type 1SC standard by 5X, designed to last and withstand tough applications​

Up to 35% higher pressure ratings than standard hoses, suitable for high-pressure applications​

Better suited for a broader range of hydraulic systems, potentially saving costs in build​

50% better bending radius than standard hoses, improving design flexibility​

8 times enhanced abrasion resistance with Dura-Tuff cover, reducing maintenance costs​

Higher operating temperature of +126°C (260°F) than standard two wire braided hose


Lower maintenance costs and higher safety due to the ability to withstand tough applications

Cost savings in build due to the hose’s suitability for a broader range of hydraulic systems

Decreased weight of machines and improved routing due to improved design flexibility

Reduced maintenance costs due to enhanced abrasion resistance

More versatile use in hydraulic systems, reducing design and usage complexity and potentially saving costs in build.